a-doctor-writing-out-a-fake-doctors-note-300x199There have been numerous occasions when we wanted to take leave from work but have been denied the same. Most employers are stingy when it comes to granting leaves. The only recourse available is to feign sickness. Of course, you will have to support the fact that you were sick when you get back to work and this is accomplished with the help of a fake doctors note. A fake doctors note is an untrue document that evidences that you were sick when you were actually not sick. Usage of doctors note is a rampant practice and it is acceptable as long as an employee does not misuse the same and his continuous absence does not affect the company’s productivity.

Types of fake doctors note

Depending on the needs of the users, a diverse range of fake doctors notes are available at websites that dole out fake doctors notes. You can easily get a dentist note, gynecologist note, surgeon’s note, chiropractor note, eye doctor note, pediatrician note and even a funeral pamphlet.

In the broad sense, fake doctors notes can be classified into free notes and paid notes. the free notes are available extensively can be downloaded from any of the websites. Hence usage of fake doctors note is most popular amongst the users. But there is a greater risk of being caught with a free fake doctors note. This is because, their frequent usage exposes their fakeness right on the face of the document and the free notes are prepared in a haphazard manner. Their notepaper quality is bad, it is illegible or the contents are grainy and scrawny. Most importantly they miss out on the essentials like the doctor registration number and seal thus making them look explicitly fake. Using such fake documents is a risk to your job and if all your earlier fake notes are unearthed, you will sure be handed the pink slip.

A better and safe alternative to faking sickness and taking leave is offered by paid fake doctors note. These notes are more authentic and match an original doctor note to a great extent thus minimizing the risk of detection. Of course, you need to shell a few dollars; but it is definitely worth than cutting a sorry face and losing your job. When you make the payment, you have the option to choose the templates and the same is customized to suit your individual need. This customization is what lends authenticity to your doctor note and helps you gat leave without any questions asked or suspicions raised.

Where to get fake doctors notes

Access the internet and type the keywords, fake doctors note. You will be flooded with websites that offer them with a range of choices. Choose the same, download or pay for them depending on the type of the note and voila, you are all set to find support to your leave claim.

People are divided on their opinion on whether it is right or wrong to make use of fake doctors note. It is definitely morally and legally wrong, but as long as you restrict their usage and do not take undue advantage at work, such fake notes are not dwelt upon.