5 Hollywood celebrities who have spoken against Xanax

spoken against XanaxHollywood is a place of fame, money and glamour. It is a harsh reality that the stress and anxiety are the bi-product of money and status. Many Hollywood celebrities have died untimely because of drug overdose. Especially Xanax, a drug which acts like minor tranquilizer used for treating anxiety and panic disorders found to be the major cause of many celebrity deaths. It is said that King of pop Michael Jackson used to have 10 pills of Xanax every night. Actor who received heavy critical acclaim posthumous his death playing Joker in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger also lost his life in very young age of 27 taking multiple combination of drugs like Restoril and Xanax(alprazolam) together on the verge of depression and anxiety. Popular singer Whitney Houston died drowning due to consuming excessive benzos and Alcohol poisoning and another singer Amy Wine house had also lost her life because of the same reason. Drug overdoses have been the downfall of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Cooper, and many other artists have brought attention to such fatal addictions through their own work.

It is not the first time that Hollywood society is facing such crisis, many reformers from the elite community like Actors, Pop Singers of Hollywood spoke against the usage of Xanax.

1) Chance the Rapper

Chance the RapperChance the Rapper aka Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, an American rapper artist who suffered from addiction towards Xanax for long time. He shared his experience of being unproductive and facing unstable relationships. He decided to quit Xanax after hearing some motivational words from his parents and friends. He was able to quit Xanax within six months of time and he is doing very well in music industry.

2) Kristen Stewart

Kristen-StewartAn actor who had gained universal fame by going films like Eclipse and New moon has spoken against using anti-anxiety medication like Xanax or benzos to overcome stress and anxiety. She spoke that she faced panic attacks and depression at one point of career and she said only Hope and confidence has brought her back, but not the medications.

3) Fergie

FergiePopular singer from Hollywood Fergie said “With any drugs, everything is great at the beginning, and then slowly your life starts to spiral down.” She also said she once got addicted to the use of Xanax drug but eventually she was able to overcome the addiction.

4) Adele

AdeleFamous Hollywood Singer and Song writer, Adele said using drugs like Xanax against the Stress, anxiety and panic attacks would doesn’t make any help. She said “I just think that nothing’s ever gone horrifically wrong. Also, when I get nervous, I try to bust jokes. It does work.” She used humor to get rid of anxiety and panic disorders.

5) Russ (rapper)

Russ (rapper)Russ, a famous American singer, music producer and rapper artist have always made his thoughts known loud and clear. He felt that Amercian Pop singers and musicians are glorifying the drug culture and for the addiction of Xanax. He spoke against usage of drugs like Xanax in a twitter conversation. He said