How effective is Klonopin in treating anxiety disorders?

Klonopin is brand name of drug containing Clonazepam which is used to treat anxiety disorders and depression. It is a central nervous system depressant. It is given orally in various doses. Continuous use of Klonopin may lead to addiction so it has to be taken under doctor’s observation.

Symptoms related to anxiety disorder

It includes muscle tension, insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration, unrealistic assessment of problems, worries, panic attacks.

Klonopin mode of action

It brings calming effect on the nerve impulses hence calming down the person. It also has sedative effect. It helps anxious person get back to normal state. It affects Gama-amino butyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter in our brain. As the effect it brings calming effect in body, slowing down nerve impulses which were fired up during anxiety attack.

It is also prescribed to treat seizure disorders.

Side effects related to Klonopin

Common side effects of Klonopin include dizziness, weakness, unsteadiness, depression, loss of orientation, headache, sleep disturbances, problems with memory, slurred speech, dry mouth, sore gums, runny nose, loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, and blurred vision.

If Klonopin is discontinued abruptly after long use, it may cause seizures, tremors, vomiting, sweating.

Like other anxiety drugs, people tend to develop dependence on Klonopin over longer use. It may lead to addiction which is very bad for a person’s health. So it is advised to use Klonopin under observation only.

Drug Interactions

Being a central nervous system (CNS) depressant alcohol, narcotics tend to increase its effect so avoid taking Klonopin with those.

It has very less or no drug interactions with other drugs so it is lot safe to use. But you must tell your doctor if you or any other medication.


  1. If you are allergic to clonazepam do not take this drug.
  2. If you have liver or kidney related disease please tell your doctor, he may not prescribe Klonopin to you.
  3. Do not drive after taking this medication, it makes you drowsy.
  4. If you are pregnant please avoid use of Klonopin as it excretes through milk so it will be harmful to baby and fetus.
  5. Do not take this drug if you are on antidepressants as both will neutralize each other’s effect. And it is not advisable.
  6. Do not stop use of Klonopin mid treatment without asking your doctor, it may cause side effects.
  7. If you have glaucoma please tell doctor.

So Is Klonopin effective and good

Klonopin is acting directly on central nervous system. It acts at very low dose and can be administered orally. And it also has sedative effect which calms anxious person completely. Then, Yes it is very effective.

As it has very few drug interactions and few common side effects then it is safe too.

But it is also a habit forming drug so you have to take klonopin under medical professional’s observation.

So be happy and anxiety free because we do have options to cure our anxiety disorders. Do not worry about this.