Treating anxiety in Parkinson’s disease using Xanax

Parkinson’s disease using XanaxParkinson’s disease is the progressive disorder of the central nervous system. The disease lowers the dopamine levels in the brain along with various other changes. Patients with Parkinson’s disease frequently report problems of sleep disturbances along with anxiety symptoms. While sleep deprivation can be controlled with the help of sedatives like Ambien, people having Parkinson’s disease can take Xanax to help control anxiety. Read this article to understand the role of Xanax in treating anxiety in patients affected with Parkinson’s disease.

Anxiety, Xanax and Parkinson’s disease

While anxiety is a condition where a person feels restless or apprehensive, Parkinson’s disease too is a mixed feeling with anxiety taking the center stage. There are many ways to suppress anxious feelings and the best and effective way is through medication. Many physicians recommend Xanax for patients who are suffering from anxiety to help them do away with the symptoms of anxiousness. Xanax is a benzodiazepine that is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders and also anxiety caused by depression. The drug acts in the patient having the Parkinson’s disease by affecting the chemicals in the brain that might be unbalanced in these people. Anxiety and Parkinson’s disease are closely associated to each other as their symptoms often co-relate. This medicine produces a calming effect by acting on the brain and nerves i.e. central nervous system. PD patients display symptoms like insomnia, panic and anxiety attacks and hence to suppress the level of anxiousness in these patients, doctors make use of Xanax as it is highly effective.

Should you take Xanax for anxiety or for Parkinson’s disease?

Well, this one is a good question. Now you might get confused as to take Xanax for anxiety or if it is for those patients who are affected with Parkinson’s disease. Xanax is for relieving anxiety by soothing tense nerves. So it is given to a person who is suffering from anxiety. Since patients having Parkinson’s disease also suffer from anxiety, Xanax is an ideal choice of medication to aid these people to recover from the ailment soon. PD is a psychiatric condition and anxiety is too. The benzodiazepine Xanax treats anxiety efficiently by targeting the chemicals in the brain, GABA. It in fact works better than antidepressants.

How long to take Xanax to relieve anxiety in PD patients?

The drug gives quick relief even on a single dose. Yet one has to take it for a prolonged time to obtain lasting effect. The duration of the medication depends upon the person and is not the same for all. The level of anxiety in every PD patient is not the same and also differs as per age. One has to carefully follow doctor’s guidelines in order to get relieved of the anxiety symptoms completely. The PD patient takes a long time to alleviate anxiousness as it is a neurodegenerative disorder. Sometimes, anxiety can be controlled in a PD patient with the help of Xanax but the disease itself cannot be cured but can be kept under control with continuous medication.