Anxiety meds like valium link to US mass shootings

Anxiety medsMedicines which are consumed for reducing or controlling anxiety are leading to wild activities like Rapes, Murders and other violent activities. The reason being the control over the mind is taken over by tranquilizers. It is reported that Person who was responsible for murdering 59 people at Las Vegas Musical concert incident did have Valium prior to the shooting. A prescription of anti-anxiety drug diazepam known by the brand name Valium was found from the 64 year Stephen Paddock who killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 in the mass shooting incident.

Why do they take Valium?

The obvious reason would be Anxiety or stress, but the intricate details of those psychological issues could possibly communicate the factual reasons. Anti-Anxiety drugs like valium are used to get rid of overflow of thoughts in the mind. Most people who have faced or suffering from:

  • Dysfunctional Family Life
  • Racism
  • Work-life Imbalance
  • Inferiority Complex
  • Psychological trauma caused with the death of a loved one
  • To overcome suicidal tendencies
  • Financial instabilities
  • Insomnia
  • Dissatisfaction towards the society, etc.

The anxiety medicines are prescribed by psychiatrists only after the detailed study of the patient’s psychology. It’s is completely illegal to get such medicines without the doctor’s consultation. Unfortunately most of the incidents occur due to these drugs are bought illegally. Major violent activities are performed with their personal instincts but not the reaction of drugs. People who would like to perform such crimes knowingly consume drugs like Valium or benzos for instant highs and to energize their criminal thoughts.

Effect of Valium or Personal Instincts?

The Las Vegas (The United States of America) Mass murderer like Stephen Paddock who brutally murdered 60 people had taken Diazepam before the shooting. It cannot be said that that incident happen only because of him taking Benzos.They are several other incidents like

  • 1978 – Utah: A high level of riots, stabbings, cuttings, murders, self-mutilation attempted suicide were attributed, at least in part to high consumption of benzodiazepines in a Utah State prison.
  • 1980 – Scotland: A woman stabbed her husband to death after taking prescribed doses of diazepam (Valium)
  • 1995 –  New South Wales, Australia: Restriction of clonazepam (a benzodiazepine) prescription was implemented by the Corrections Health Service of New South Wales due to it causing emotionally reactive and aggressive behavior with self-harm and suicide attempts in inmates.

All these incidents are examples of violent activities under the dose of Anxiety medicines like Benzos, Valium etc. But one can’t actually conclude that these medicines are the only cause of such brutal activities. Without strong intentions, a drug cannot energize the mind to take such strong decisions. And moreover, people do no know how long do the effects of valium last so that they involve in the activities instead of taking rest after the drug consumption.

The Link between Las Vegas Mass Shooting& Valium

For instance, Las Vegas mass shooting incident wasn’t just a reaction of valium drug. Sydney Paddock was a life time gambler who had dysfunctional married life, he got divorced twice and he doesn’t have any other family members support. He travelled all over the major tourist destinations around the world. It is reported that he lost huge assets due to his gambling.A couple of years prior to the shooting incident everything was preplanned, like setting cameras on the doorstep of his hotel room, and additional rifles with extra stock of bullets etc. Such couldn’t be effect of anxiety medicines, it is accepted fact that the person took such medicines for getting high but other psychological and environmental factors played a major role in execution of such inhuman and violent activity.