Kratom for treating depression – Choosing best strains for depression and anxiety

Throughout the world, there are millions of people have been suffering from depression every day. It affects people of all races, in every countries and ethnicity. People who are suffering from depression would definitely have known that this drug would cause so much tense and overpowering sometimes it would make them take some simple mistakes when they are running an enormous tasks difficulty, and also it would make them feel their life is hopeless.

As of now, we do not have any cure for treating this depression, however, we have found some medications that would help to treat the symptoms of the depression. Even the high power prescription medication would also help very low or a small portion in treating depression in people.

Although Kratom is one of the proved drugs for treating depression in person, it has shown from the research that this drug is quite effective in treating the symptoms of depression for short term, however, in many cases, the relief with the use of Kratom is dramatic.

Causes of Depression

The actual cause of depression is not known. Depression can be caused due to various factors and it might last for a week until decades, and this can affect a person due to the various psychological to environmental stimuli. The truth is, we just known a very little thing about this condition.

Since the causes of depression are variable, it is necessary that various treatments are needed for treating depression in people at a different stage. For example, one person would be able to treatable with the medications for depression, however for the other it won’t they just a psychotic treatment to get over with their depression. Some people might get worse with the depression issue. The side effect of this condition would even lead a person to suicidal thoughts.

Although we just know very little about the causes of depression, it is found that Kratom is quite effective in terms of eliminating the symptoms of this condition.

How to use Kratom for Depression?

Correct usage of Kratom is recommended, the procedure is not different from any other compounds that we use for treating. However, one should have to consider some certain factors before using this drug for treating depression,


2.Intervals of Usage



For people who are using this Kratom powder or other of its supplements for the first time, it would have been a little trickier for them to know and choose the right dosage. It is because each people would have a different reaction to Kratom products.

If you are a new person for using Kratom for depression, then it is the best thing that you should start with a low dose. The way of finding the ideal dosage of Kratom for treating depression might take some time to feel the full effect from it, but it is worth for your try. Here, I have provided a little guideline which would help you to find the right dosage of Kratom that suits your health condition.

For an adult who weighs around 150lbs, could take the suggested dose of Kratom as follows;

Light – 2 to 3 grams

Moderate – 3 to 5 grams

Heavy – 5 to 7 grams

The thing is, dosing for Kratom is little more difficult than any compound medications, it is because if the dose of Kratom is low, it would only provide very low effects, however increasing the dose of Kratom to a high level would elevate the small depression effect into higher one sometimes it worsens it. Due to this reason, in the upcoming description, we would help you to understand the effect of Kratom and to find the right strain for you without causing any effects for sedation.

Interval of Usage

For a long time, the interval for using the right amount of Kratom dosage for treating depression has been widely debated, mostly it is suggested that one can take this drug for irregularly or can take this one as a supplement along with any other treatment for depression. The other treatments would be natural medics such as ashwagandha or any prescription medications.

For this reason, one should use Kratom for a less than daily dose, it is because that Kratom tolerance can develop with the use of Kratom on daily use, this would reduce the anti-depressant effects of Kratom. Like any other fast acting medications, Kratom can be used for treating depression only as it is needed. Some people might have taken or used Kratom for a long period of time for treating depression, however, those have found to be very low. The effects of the drug completely depend on the response of your body, one can try this drug and can experience the best with the use of this plant.

Type – Strains and Veins

The type of Kratom that you take for treating your depression is really important. One should have to take the right strain and vein-type since it would take some time, and also one should have to take care of their body first, since one strain may be great at the first use while the other would lose the steam.

White Veins

Using of White vein Kratom has proved that this would be the best help in terms of treating depression in people. The reason is that this would be very less in sedating and would create a less tolerance compared to red and green veins strains. The effect of the use of white veins are subtle and energetic and also it eases the depression similar to natural happiness.

The feeling provided with the use of white vein Kratom are clean compared to the red vein, and they also do not lose their potency with the use of it over a certain period of time for depression.

Green Veins

When it comes to the green vein which is not the ideal choice for treating depression, but some people have given a positive response to this Kratom strain. If you are interested to use any green vein Kratom, then you should have to begin it with less sedating variety such as green vein Thai or a green vein Malaysian.

Thai and Maeng Da Strains

When it comes to energy booster, Thai strains would help you in a better way. Using this Thai strain along with Maeng da, it will help you greatly to kick out your euphoria and energy. However, these are not the best choice for using this drug on a daily use, as the effect of energetic would tend to wear out too quickly, which might leave you with some high tolerance.

Overall, both the Thai and Maeng da strains are the very effective strains and are amazing, however, it is best to use them when you are really in need of this drug to kick out your depression.

Formulation a Long-Term Plan

If you are really serious about treating your depression, it is just that you should have to choose the right Kratom which can be highly effective. One of the best ways is to treat depression along with the other effective natural components such as holy basil, Rhodiola Rosea or ashwagandha, an anti-depressant, an anti-anxiety medicine, and adaptogen.

Because of the strict diets that we follow, most of the people would lack in fish oil in their diets. Even with the diets containing omega-3 oils, it will help a person a lot in terms of improving the health over the major depression and also for bipolar disorders.

You are required to take care of your health in a good way and thus by using the compounds that are necessary including the supplements of Kratom, meditation, and exercise. As depression could cause some low energy to you, it is important to use Kratom and thus it helps you in saving the energy and also will make changes in your life just by overcoming the depression. Taking Kratom for a long time would not be mostly recommended by the doctor, to ensure that you are getting the right one that makes you go out of getting into the cause of any side effects. Get an advice from the known people or someone who has experienced with the use of Kratom before.