How did Xanax become teenager’s drug of choice?

xanax for teenagersIt is terrifying fact that not just celebrities and elite communities those are consuming Xanax or relative drugs, recent certain statistical reports say even teenagers, especially in the UK and the United States are getting severely addicted to Xanax due to various reasons.

The Effects of Xanax

Effect of Xanax

It is a drug that is used to treat anxiety, stress, depression and the other mind related problems, the pop culture and spiritual liberation movement have influenced larger section of people to have drugs like Xanax as fashion and culture. In the countries like United Kingdom and The USA, the deaths because of drug overdose has risen to 500 percent from the year 2000. The deaths were close to 5,000 only in year 2015, which is an alarming sign if neglected the deaths may increase in the coming as the purchase of Xanax has more easier with the arrival of internet markets.

Who are consuming more Xanax?

Xanax consumption

Which is more alarming is more than the elderly adults, it is the teenagers who are getting addicted to the medicine. Lil Peep, a young pop musician had found dead because of the Xanax overdose, ironically it was Lip Peep himself who had posted in his Instagram profile that he had taken 6 pills of Xanax, just six hours before his death.Heath Ledger, very popular actor who had played The Joker in The Dark Knight also died of over consumption of Xanax and multiple other drugs. He was 27 when he lost his life.

Possible Reasons for taking Xanax

Why Xanax had become a drug of choice to the teenagers, there are multiple reasons for it. Firstly, we need to evaluate what are actual causes that teenagers facing are actually leading consume drugs like Xanax. It is sad that many drug overdose deaths happen due to the pill and people lose their lives even before knowing it.

Teenagers who predominant consumers of the pill, especially in rich countries like UK and the USA, there is greater need to analyze their issues and get them rehabilitated from the drug usage. The reasons could be anything from the factors like the society, parenting issues, friendship, depression, failure etc. Some important factors that are possibly leading for more consumption of Xanax are:

Ease of Purchase: With the explosion of Internet and e-commerce websites, teenagers are able to buy Xanax and other drugs very easily without doctor’s prescription. Teenagers get naturally attracted to things which they can easily get. A Strong reason of consumption need not be present all the time. Some may consume for very simple reasons like Fashion. Some people even prefer the pill over the Alcohol because buying Xanax is very easier than buying an alcohol.

Youth’s Fashion symbol:  Few reports say that youth population of United Kingdom is very high. Though the consumption of Xanax is regulated in UK, the counterfeit version of the drug is made available illegally to the school going teenagers. They consume it as fashion and to leave behind the stress of school. It is said that few sections of youngsters in UK also use these in parties.

Pop culture influence: It is undisputed fact that pop culture had glorified drugs, almost every single popular pop musician consumes drug, which was openly claimed by their selves. Huge pop stars like Lil Peep, Amy Winehouse were open about their Xanax addiction since long before their deaths, their followers who admire them would have got influenced by their style and habits.

To overcome Depression and Mental Trauma: There aren’t many choices to overcome psychological disturbance, the youth who are majorly impatient opt drugs like Xanax to get rid of their problems. It is believed that younger generation in now a days are much more stressed out than the previous generation, which had simple life style with hope as the major support system.