How To Overcome Fatigue Caused By Valium Medication?

Valium is one of the most commonly prescribed drug to treat depression, anxiety disorders, muscle cramps and alcohol addiction. Although deemed to an efficient drug, the drug does have ensuing side effects that may cause a lot of discomfort to the patients. Fatigue coupled with drowsiness is the most common Valium side effect. The long term effects of valium enable the consumers to get into the drizziness. This restricts a person’s ability to handle dangerous machinery and even simpler tasks such as driving a car. Moreover, Valium drug interaction with alcohol pronounces the effect of fatigue and can lead to severe complications. Although it is known for some general practitioners to prescribe certain drugs to curb the fatigue caused by Valium medication, it is not a common practice due to drug interaction issues. Most doctors prescribe certain changes in the lifestyle to reduce or eliminate the severity of fatigue through natural ways not involving medical intervention.

Ways to fight fatigue caused by Valium:

The first step before venturing forth to the other ways is to ensure that the fatigue is not being aggravated because of any additional factors such as health conditions or drug interactions. Once that is established, certain lifestyle changes can be adapted for overcoming the fatigue before buying Valium for treatment.

Exercise the fatigue away!

Although it may seem odd at first, i.e. why would someone exercise if he is tired! However, research shows that physical activity increases the energy levels in the body. Exercise improves the efficiency of the heart, lungs and limbs. It also helps in management of the blood flow. This enables the body to provide the best fuel (energy) to sustain its activity. Yoga is another great way of boosting one’s energy.

Show dehydration the door!

The body consumes more energy to function if it is craving for water. A dehydrated body impairs performance and zaps out the energy very fast. Thus, dehydration is a primary cause for inducing fatigue in people who are taking Valium. It has also been proven that dehydration decreases alacrity and concentration. Thus, if one cannot medically cure the fatigue, let us destroy the consequences of fatigue!

Sleep at least 8 hours daily!

The lack of sleep adds to the fatigue of the body. However, a well-rested body can tolerate more of the Valium’s side effects without relenting. Another smart way of managing one’s fatigue caused by taking the medication is to realize whether a person is morning lark or a night owl. Some people are more productive at night and some in the day. What can be done is to schedule all the important work in accordance to the dosage timings so that the efficiency of the body is not hampered.

Shed the weight but eat more!

Seems like another brain puzzler? The Science is simple. Weight loss automatically leads to a boost in one’s energy levels. The weight loss can be achieved through control of balanced meals and an increase in physical activity. However, this involves eating a small quantity of food at short intervals of time to steady one’s blood sugar. Whole grains and proteins take longer than refined carbohydrates to digest and stabilize the blood sugar. A dip or a peak in blood can add to the fatigue caused by Valium.