Rise of Xanax due to depression caused by racism

xanax for depression

Xanax is an anti-depressant that is used for treating psychological disorders like Anxiety, depression and panic attacks. People who are facing troubles with racism, especially youngsters are choosing Xanax as the only cure for all of their psychological problems. Racism is a psychological belief or an ideology of certain sections of people who believe that they are superior from others.

Racism took an aggressive rise in American Continent, where African Americans are not given equal rights, injustice on wages and limited to freedom of expression. It is very depressing that even the proven celebrities like Michael Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Robert Bob Marley couldn’t become an exception for such discrimination and rejection in their native states.

People with color or Black people are being discriminated since centuries with such regressive ideology. Even the children are not exempted from such acts, as even the white children abuses the black with prejudice and intolerance. Such bigotry and injustice is leading to frustration among youth and children, such frustration is eventually leading to depression and Xanax can the best solution for this.

Racism, Depression and Xanax

There were several research studies conducted to prove racism is the major cause of depression among the youth to whom Xanax can be the saviour. The results of a five-year study conducted by researchers in California, Iowa and Georgia found that racism can lead to depression and attitude problems. Some studies concluded that children with supportive parenthood, friendship and good schooling are not facing any depression or behavioral issues and they do not need the help of medication like Xanax.

It is said Eighty-eight percent of the kids said they had indeed experienced racial discrimination, on an extensive research conducted by Lee M. Pachter, at Vancouver, Canada.He and his team found in their extensive research that racism and depression go hand in hand. “Not only do most minority children experience discrimination, discrimination is not limited to schools or localities, it is even present in offices and in other segments of the society. Racism not limited for color, caste and creed. It is inclusive of sexism, where woman are not given freedom of choice.

Surveys concluding depression caused due to Racism

A government based survey conducted on selected sample of 5,196 persons from Caribbean islands, Africa origins and Asian origin on the injustice and discrimination they have faced in the past year. Researchers found that study participants who endured verbal abuse were three times more likely to suffer from depression. Meanwhile, participants who hadgone through a racist attack were almost three times as likely to suffer from depression and five times more likely to suffer from psychosis. Individuals who reported having racist employers were 1.6 times more likely to suffer from a psychosis and they are the one who is in need of Xanax than anyone else.

Xanax being a Cause but not cure

These Tranquilizers are promoted as immediate or only relief to all psychotic issues. Public who suffer from racism, bigotry issues choosing these drugs to get a brief redemption from the tantrums thrown by the racist society. There are many examples of people losing their careers and even life using Xanax. People tend to use Xanax mostly due to the following factors:

For Immediate relief from Panic Attacks: Xanax gives an immediate relief, though very temporary from the stress and depression by taking them to deep sleep mode. People who suffer and doesn’t any motivational support opt Xanax for the relief.

To escape from Suicidal thoughts: Intolerance and rejection creates inferiority tendency which could even lead to suicidal thoughts. Xanax which neutralizes the mind for temporary period is used to overcome such thoughts and to relax for some time.

Culture & Fashion: Drugs like Xanax are also used for fashion, as they are very much glorified by pop musicians and spiritual gurus. Their followers uses those drug as a trend.