How Depression Is Associated With High Risk Of Suicide?

Risk Of SuicidePeople afflicted with depression have a high tendency of harboring thoughts on suicide. The main cause for the problem is that the affected minds are gravely struck in a mindset of despair. For the harried mind it is believed death which means committing suicide would be the best option to escape from the excruciating situation of mental pain. It is far more crucial to identify the troubled minds in the initial stage itself to commence the healing process in a planned manner and get better results. Having a no strings attached conversation with the affected persons alone can aid in identifying the patient in them. For the conversation to happen in first place, the person needs to be bought into a psychological comfort zone and things need to be initiated from that point. Over the conversation it is quite possible to infer the exact state of mind a person is in.

Some of the most visible signs of taking a step towards suicide would be:

  • Expressing their thoughts on banishing themselves by taking off their life.
  • Showing adequate signs of being mentally struck in an abyss and being not able to overcome the tormenting situation.
  • Having a strong obsession towards death and be possessed by a constant morbid feeling and simply unable to perform any job in a full-fledged manner.
  • Be occupied with an inherent streak of going about doing any work in a haphazard way with the sole objective of dying. There can be many instances which could be cited for this condition like driving the car in a rash way or playing with hazardous things knowing well that it would put their precious life into danger.
  • Another often recorded sign is when the affected individual goes about visiting near and dear ones just to bid farewell.
  • Disposing off their most valuable collections in their life by distributing it to close friends, relatives or acquaintances.
  • Attempting to patch up with people with whom they could have had a strained relationship and also try to resolve issues nagging them for a long duration by compromising over them.
  • A worrying sign could also be when the individuals consistently utter words like their family or friends would be doing well without their presence in the world. There may also be frequent quarrels picked up with absolutely no worthwhile reason and over negligible issues.
  • There may also be instances of the affected individual abruptly changing mindset from being extremely depressed to a state where everything appears normal ad they may also pretend that they are indeed in a very good mood.

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