“Ativan showed best results on my anxiety disorder. The excessive worry and anxiousness have reduced. I am now able to live my life happily. I am now taking maintenance dose of Ativan”- Senorita

“It was very hard to balance my home and work due to anxiety condition. After my doctor prescribed the drug, I took it as per his instructions. It is a WOW and now I have a clear state of mind”- Michel

“Due to anxiety disorder I started to get various medical ailments. So, I decided to treat the cause. That is when I started taking Ativan. This is the best decision I have ever made. I am still continuing this medication”- Daniel

“I had severe anxiety attacks and taking Ativan is the only remedy. Now, the occurrence of these attacks has been reduced and I am happy about it. I am also very careful on not getting addicted to the pill”- Johnson3